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1. By purchasing a ticket to the performance you give your agreement to follow basic rules, ethical rules and social norms in the theatre. Before you buy tickets, look at the plan of the hall next to the window of the ticket office and choose the most convenient seat for you. If performance cancelled or changed you can use the same ticket to another performance. For information please telephone 8 (7172) 38 – 01 – 08 or visit theatre official web site.

2. It is not allowed to damage the property of the theatre, to neglect fire safety rules; visitors should follow tolerance and communicative basic rules in relation with theatre personnel and visitors.

3. Come in elegant clothes. Men usually wear a dark suit, and women wear glad rags. Ladies wearing trousers in a theatre are considered to have a bad taste. In winter ladies usually take shoes to the theatre and leave their boots in the cloakroom, because an evening dress doesn’t match with winter boots.

4. Be on time. Theater doors typically open 30 minutes before curtain. To avoid inconvenience, check your seat assignment in advance. A lot of people prepare to the performance: actors, musicians, scene workers and lighting designers, so it is important to be on time, don’t make theatre personnel and other audience wait.

5. In the cloakroom a man should take off his hat and over clothes and then help a woman to take off.

6. If your seats are in the middle of the row – try to take them earlier not to disturb the others. If you have to pass through the filled row – turn to face the sitting viewers and apologize in a calm voice or with a nod for causing the trouble.

7. If your place is occupied, you should contact the administrator.

8. Do not wait for the third call, enter the auditorium before.

9. When taking a seat you shouldn’t occupy both armrests. Your neighbor has the same right to lean, as you. Don’t sit, clinging to each other, because you should remember about those who sit in the back. They also want to see the stage.

10. Food, water and other beverages are not permitted in the auditorium. It is prohibited to visit the Theatre when intoxicated.

11. The main rule – is the silence. You shouldn’t whisper, shuffle your feet, and make a noise.

12. Turn off all cell phones, alarms, pagers or anything that can disturb the production, actors or audience members during the performance. Photography, cell phone recording and audio recording are not allowed in the theatre on the requirements of the law on protection of copyright and related rights.

13. It is rude to leave during the performance or several minutes before the end of performance. A polite person and a thankful spectator will wait for a moment when he is allowed to thank actors and musicians for the performance with wild applause.

14. To sing along with the cast, to tap with hands and to stamp with feet in time of music is considered to be ignorance.

15. If you have cough or running nose don’t cough and blow your nose in the hall. You should apologize to your neighbors and leave the hall.

16. Should not come with children who are under 6 years.

Strictly prohibited:

  • smoking in all halls and foyers;
  • to enter rooms for “theatre staff” or which are not allowed to enter;
  • to sit or stand in the aisles and stairs during performance;
  • to stick posters, information papers and other ads which are not allowed by Theatre Administration;
  • to show racial, social, national and religious differentiation;
  • to bring in bladed or pointed articles that can injure other spectators, as well as damage the property of the Theatre; guns; inflammable, explosive, toxic, smelling and radioactive things; animals;

Please don’t forget about culture of the theatre, follow the etiquette and strictly follow all rules of behaviour in the theatre. Person who breaks the rules, which threaten the health or life of the people will be warned or could be send to the police for investigation.

We hope for mutual understanding and respect.

We are always glad to see you at our theatre!