Kurmangozhaev Bekbolat Bolatzhanovich


Kurmangozhaev Bekbolat Bolatzhanovich – director, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

Kurmangozhaev Bekbolat Bolatzhanovich was born in Almaty region in 1954, on the farm Frunze.

Brief description of creative life:

From 1973 to 1975 he served in Czechoslovakia, was a dancer in the song and dance ensemble “The central group of troops of the TGV”.

1975-1979 he worked in the creative team “Young Ballet of Almaty”.

1979-1993 actor in the Academic Drama Theater. by M. Auezov (Almaty). Here he played more than 40 roles.

Among them: M. Auezov “Kara Kypshak Kobylandy” – Bersinbai, G. Musirepov “Goats Korpesh-Beauty Bayan” – Goats, Sh. Aitmatov “The longer day than century” – Mangurt, “Mother-earth” – Kasym, N Hikmet “Farhad – Shyryn” – Farhad, W. Shakespeare “The Taming of the Shrew” – Lucentzio, E. Schwartz “Cinderella” – Prince, etc.

Working with the best actors such as S. Maikanova, A. Ashimov, A. Moldabekov, N. Jantorin, S. Orazbaev on the productions of the national hero and director A. Mambetov, he received spiritual instruction and perfected his mastery.

Bekbolat Bolatzhanovich, in addition to the theater, made a huge contribution to the sphere of cinema. He participated in the dubbing in the film studio Kazakfilm by Sh.Aymanov, he voiced and dubbed more than 1000 films: A.Amirkulov “The Ruin of Otrar” – Inzhukhan, “Young Abai” – Abay, “Farewell, Gulsary” – Tanabai, K.Kasymbek “Young Zhambyl” – Zhambyl, S.Tauekel “Saber of Makhambet” – Zhangirkhan, and in many other films he sounded the main characters. On TV channels “Khabar”, “Kazakhstan”, “Astana”, “7-channel”, “TRK-President” dubbed and voiced over 10,000 television series and documentaries. Among them: “Brilliant Azeraki”, “Shina-queen of the jungle”, “Man tore up thousands of chains”, “Shot in Dallas”, “Sagan Castle”, also the TV series “Crossroads”, etc.

1995-2004 he worked at the State Institute of Theater and Cinema. T. Zhurgenova: head of the department, dean of the faculty, pro-rector and creative master-educator of students. Graduates of the Academy founded Kazakh theaters in Northern Kazakhstan and in the city of Aktau. Also, other mentors work in regional and academic theaters.

While working in the Academy, he played the role of Kokserek in the production of “Kokserek” based on the work of M. Auezov “Kokserek” directed by Nurkanat Zhakypbai. In 1998 this performance became a laureate in the international theater festival dedicated to the 100th anniversary of M.Auezov.

In 2001, playing the role of Genghis Khan in the drama of Sh. Aitmatov and A. Kekilbaev ” The silence in the desert…”, which was staged by the director Nurkanat Zhakypbai, surprised the fans of the theaters of Astana and Almaty and was highly appreciated.

2004-2012 Dean of the Faculty of Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana.

2005-2010 Assistant Artistic Director of the Academic Music Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbayev, People’s Artist of the USSR and People’s Hero – A. Mambetov. During this period he updated and decided the performances of A.Chekhov “Uncle Vanya”, Sh. Aitmatov “Mother-earth”, A. Nurpeysova “Blood and sweat”, U. Hajibeyov “Arshin mal alan”, O. Bokeya “My dear son”.

Also for a long time the role of Mercutio in the play of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”, Gastritus in A. Dudarayev’s drama “Kesh” remained in the memory.

In 2014 he played the role of Beksultan in the television series “Kazyna” on the “Kazakhstan” TV channel.

Today he is a professor at the Kazakh National University of Arts, also works as director of “Zhastra theaters” of the city of Astana.

Roles in the theater:

2016 A.Kekilbaev “Nartaukel” / folk heroic drama poem / – Kalden Sheri (Director-director – Nurkanat Zhakypbai, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Director’s work:

2014  S. Kasymbek “Spring Beauty” / fairy tale /

2015g. J. B. Moliere “Georges Danden or a Fooled Husband” / comedy /

2016 S. Kasymbek “Lift” / psychological drama /

2016 D. Salamat “Who will lead the new year?” / Fairy tale /